About Ross · Rumbell Professional Corporation

Businesses today operate in complex regulatory and competitive environments. It doesn’t matter what the business involves, or at what level it is operating, there are government regulations to comply with, detailed contracts to be understood and entered into and employees, lenders and shareholders to keep happy.

A good business lawyer understands these issues and is a valuable asset to a business.

Ross · Rumbell is a business law firm formed for the express purpose of providing clients with the expertise they need – expertise that combines decades of legal experience on Bay Street with hands on business experience. This makes us better at what we do and our clients more successful.

Our business and firm is built upon the following values:
  • Provide advice that integrates business and legal acumen
  • Provide services personally to clients, returning calls the same day
  • Practice in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to excellence
  • Enjoy what we do and do what we enjoy
  • Create value for ourselves and for our clients
Our clients include businesses of all sizes ranging from start ups to successful and innovative companies involved in manufacturing, services, distribution, information technology and investment.

See Professional Services for a more detailed summary of what we do.

If you are forming a new business please see our Business Start-up Program.